Our School - Canteen

The canteen is open five days a week at lunchtime for students to buy snacks ranging from 50c to $2 over the counter. Lunch orders will be available every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and delivered to the classroom at lunch time. All food is prepared fresh daily from the Birralee canteen and delivered to students at lunchtime. Students can enjoy a range of appetising snacks and lunch orders at affordable prices.

Lunch orders


All orders will need to be placed by 9:00AM for processing same day via the Qkr! app which can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes Store.

Click here for instructions on how to download.

The Menu

Our canteen menu meets the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines. On offer are a variety of freshly prepared foods with the menu changing seasonally each term. The current Winter menu offers different lunch specials whilst sandwiches and oven baked items are available each lunch day. In Winter, warm Milo can be purchased over the counter. A range of healthy snacks such as fresh seasonal fruit, yoghurt cups and a grazing box filled with veggie sticks and hummus dip are also available for lunch orders and over the counter.

Click here for the latest menu.

Click here for Healthy Eating Advisory - Traffic LIght System

For more information, please send an email to :  jennifer_raner@live.com.au