Our Community - Active Travel Program

At Birralee PS, we encourage children to walk, ride or scoot to school as part of promoting their health and wellbeing. If children arrive at school having had some exercise on the way, it has been found that they are more alert and ready to learn.

We endorse the Active Travel to School Program as it provides both fun and fitness, increases children's connectedness to their local community, and is a sustainable way to travel. It also helps improve local safety around the immediate school area as it reduces traffic considerably. Parking is becoming more restricted around the school, so parking further away and teaching your child to walk along certain routes, will make the drop-off & pick-up times less stressful and less dangerous.

We have investigated our local area and found that there are several places where drivers can safely drop off children to walk for between 7 - 15 minutes. Please take some time to look at the map and explore the suggested routes to and from the school. The more children walk, the more these routes will be populated by active travellers and more social interaction between children and families can develop.

We have a committed Active Travel Group of parents and staff at the school and if you are interested, you would be most welcome to join in to help promote the Active Travel Program.

Active Travel Map